Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

By Georgia Osten
And, that’s exactly what we did. We agreed to meet at Leigh’s house early Saturday morning. 9:30 was take off time. Well sort of. When Emma woke up, Daddy had already fixed her breakfast, so she took her time to have a home cooked meal. Can’t blame her for that, she’s leaving for Waco (Baylor) on Tuesday, her Senior year!

We left Leigh’s some time before 10 to go pick up Kelly and Addyson. Had to stop at MacDonald’s to get cookies for Addyson and a coke for Kelly. Next stop, Starbucks, a Flat White for me and a Frappucino for Emma.

Finally, onto our venture – Mid Town, Elgin @ Louisiana, for High Fashion Fabric. It’s probably been 10-15 years since we were there last. Time for Leigh to have new drapes. Oh My Goodness. I’ll never forget the last time. Yards and Yards of silk, we lined them back then. We’re talking five panels, 20 feet each, ceiling to floor. We literally started in the living room and went out the front door to the street to cut each panel. And sewing was a never-ending battle.

It didn’t take us long to make our selections for the living room and the attached breakfast nook. The breakfast nook ceilings are about half the length of the living room – whew! This time, Kelly will help, we’ll each have a sewing machine, I can’t wait to get started!

We were out in the car when our alarm went off signaling our lunch reservation was near. Thank goodness! After writing a check for all that fabric, Leigh was more than ready for an adult beverage.

Off to the original Ninfa’s on Navigation, what a treat! Margarita’s for all – almost … Addyson doesn’t care for Margaritas YET. The food was fantastic, I think each one of us had something different. I ordered a fajita beef chalupa that was as big as my plate. Needless to say, 3 out of 5 of us got to-go boxes. I ate the rest of my chalupa for dinner that night.

As we parted, each of us had different plans to finish off the day. I did my Sam’s, WalMart and Kroger shopping.

This was one of those outings I’ll remember for a long time. It rates right up there with our other ventures like the Ballet or Nutcracker Market. Just me and “My Girls,” my two daughters and my two granddaughters.

My Cup Runneth Over


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