Go jump in a Lake

By Georgia Osten
Imagine yourself in a $1M lake house with 16 other people for 3 nights, people ages 17 months old to 70 years old! Enough food to fill 2 double refrigerators, plus a fridge out by the infinity pool. Granted one of the refrigerators was stocked with nothing but beer, wine and sodas. Well, a case of water because I wasn’t sure about the tap water up there in the hills. I was looking at the directions we printed for the house, the owner called it a “Lake Cabin,” go figure.

Two of the biggest pecan trees I’ve ever seen in the back yard that sloped down to the dock on the lake, part of the Guadalupe River. The backyard had a fire pit where s’mores were enjoyed by all on Saturday night. We set up the washer boards back there and of course some fishing took place. Paul spent $57 on all sorts of bait, from worms, to live minnows, to some sort of stinky catfish stuff. Did they catch any fish? Well, actually, no, but did happen to lose a pole in the water somewhere. I don’t know if anybody wanted to venture down there into the mossy bottom to find it, chalk it up to leaving memories.

The jumping and flipping into the lake was enjoyed by all the Non Weak of Heart. Two grandkids and one son-in-law swam all the way across the lake and back in their own little marathon. All these festivities cooked up for PawPaw’s 70th Birthday celebration. His only wish was to have all the immediate family together, and together we were – 5 from North Carolina, 3 from League City, 5 from Pearland, 2 from Baylor in Waco and PawPaw and me from the beach!

As our family always does, we look forward to the next time we can all come together. There’s Christmas, then a First Communion in May, then back to the Lake this time next year.

Happy Birthday PawPaw,
Your Loved Ones

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you. Email: rubyreddog4030@yahoo.com


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