Go Topless 2015 Cleaned Up

denys_0By Jim Denys
Who wants to talk Trashy about this past weekend’s GO TOPLESS event on the Bolivar Peninsula? They came, they celebrated, and they had a great time. There was a record amount of Jeepers from all over the state converging on our little slice of paradise, estimates some say 4000 plus. The best part about it was they cleaned up before they went home.

To each and everyone who helped everyone enjoy the beach as well as those that pitched in to clean up afterwards, THANK-YOU, you all did a great job. For those who left their litter behind, you’re not invited back. Thanks again to the Jeepers, you all are a class act and have set a fine example for all our visitors.

(This article published 5/18/2015)

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9 Responses to “Go Topless 2015 Cleaned Up”

  1. Louis Martinez says:

    jeepers are a great group of people. The only thing that bothered me was the cops. THEY DIDNT HAVE JEEPS !!! COME ON GUYS,IF YA WANNA HANG OUT,GET WITH THE PROGRAM !!!

  2. Robert says:

    We’re property owners and Jeepers. The clean up efforts Sunday wenta long way with property owners that don’t get the Jeep thang. Thanks for representing Jeepers, and taking up the slack of the chickenshits that left their trash.

  3. Susan says:

    From the “Missourians”. We drove 12 hours to be there and were not disappointed. Wonderful weekend with great people. We will plan to stay and help clean up next year!!

  4. Michelle says:

    thanks for the hospitality! We stayed the entire weekend for the first time and had a blast! Our family can’t wait to do it again on a non-Jeep weekend. Thank you!

  5. Andrea Pass says:

    thanks for having us! We totally enjoyed the weekend – and we kept a garbage bag in our Jeep at all times to store our trash. 🙂 #Respect

    We’ll be back next year!

  6. Ziggy Dennis says:

    God Bless Texas Jeepers!

    • Cecil n Amanda says:

      we had a great time Thanks for allowing this event to take place there

      We always cleanup after ourself we left early Sunday and wasn’t part of cleaning up what others left. Next year our club will stay sunday and be part of the cleanup

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