Go Topless Weekend

By Georgia Osten
It’s not for the weak of heart, it’s certainly not something to expose our families to. I was going to say “adults only,” but in reality, I can’t even qualify them in that category. As with any crazy, reckless holiday, I’m disheartened to say the least. What on earth would we do without our law enforcement and our EMS? Provisions were made to staff more emergency personnel, they began coming into the Fire Station on Thursday. The refrigerator and kitchen was stocked with enough food for an army. Cots were set up in all areas for sleeping for the weekend.

This morning, I asked “why is all this food left in the refrigerator?” “We weren’t here all weekend!” They were out on the beach and the highway responding to the constant mayhem. I’ve heard so many stories about the accidents, deaths, and injuries incurred this weekend. Was it worth it?

Once again, thousands of people with no respect piled onto this peninsula acting like heathens. No respect, trash the beach, defecate in the dunes or in someone’s yard, it doesn’t matter, someone else will clean up after them. No, I didn’t vote for them to be here again this year and I didn’t vote for them to be here last year. Wasn’t last year enough? Why do we allow this to happen year after year?

I know what you’re thinking – “the jeepers are not to blame.” Okay, maybe not, but with them come all the other riff raff from only God knows where. All we’ve worked for in this community to promote a beautiful paradise for people to come enjoy a free beach, our restaurants, our churches, we’ve opened our arms to the multitudes. And what do we get but a slap in the face. People driving up and down the beach baring themselves and acting like idiots, impairing the paths of emergency vehicles en route to an injured person or persons.

It’s time to put the brakes on this type of behavior. It’s time to display our integrity and ethics, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe. Our reputation is at stake. Whatever revenue is realized by this type of event, is certainly not worth the threat of our safety and values of our home.


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12 Responses to “Go Topless Weekend”

  1. Bill Cowles says:

    So who votes and when, and if another organization like the one that got kicked out Galveston decided to move it here, then what. In a discussion with the beach permit patrol he couldn’t even get a quarter of a mile, gave up and went home. Mother Nature actually helped out, some Jeep people I know stayed home. I don’t think many or any residential property owners like this event, now the rentals I’m sure they love it. And on another note, we pay for garbage pickup usually two large bags, the house across from us can (web site) accommodate 22 people, or more and when they leave, no less than 10 plus bags of garbage or just stacked, and the birds and stray cats love it. Do not forget the storms that roll through and the garbage that can’t fit in the bind. Maybe garbage should be figured by the square footage of the house. Hell we pay extra just to get rid of our palm leaves, and have to take them to the garbage station, usually no less than $44 and no I’m not going to put them on the beach dunes

    • Cowles Bill says:

      Oh I forgot no ATV, ROV, side by sides anywhere but on the beach, and no open containers in those or golf carts, so we just throw those rules out for that weekend. I live four rows back and two years ago had to sell my mule for a golf cart after being stopped right in front of my house, several times. Police have different rules for different times of the year I guess. I worked for my retirement with the idea of living here part time and love this place, but when your are here a lot you see a lot.

  2. Mike O'Neill says:

    STOP IT.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Who “votes” to have this weekend? Didn’t know we had a choice. Feels like it is shoved down our throats. Take it or leave town. Not how I want to feel about my community.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I am Jeeper myself. We have a great time at go topless weekend. Our JEEP group decided a couple years ago to have our GTD on Galveston side. We are a family friendly group and so many are. I feel badly for the Crystal beach side. We stopped going there because of the chaos and crazy behavior. Please know Legitimate Jeep clubs are just as dismayed and disappointed. Some may end up ruining it for all. Be blessed.

  5. Sherry Morgan says:

    I agree with Georgia 100%. I think the Jeep organization is good. The problem is the “others” who use this weekend as a hedonist free-for-all! Does the economic benefit to our businesses warrant this activity? If you reside on the Peninsula, you either have to leave town or shelter in place!

  6. Steve Nelson says:

    We are long time Bolivar property owners. We were there for all 4 days of jeep event. The out of area jeep visitors that we meet were well behaved and cleaned their trash up.I did not hear anymore sirens than during other high volume holiday weekends. Did not see any fights or accidents during 4 days we were at beach.
    Good break from winter fog and cold east winds when no one else can be seen either way on beach…

  7. Mark Hunstiger says:

    Can we start a petition to stop this event from happening?

    • Patricia Hagstrom says:

      Mark, count on another full-time resident to help you initiate a petition to stop this wild and deplorable week end. Where were those who support this event on Monday as we were lugging bags of trash from the beach to the trasb bins?? Where were they as we watched Jeepers using showers to wash their vehicles in some empty houses in our neighborhood? Where were they as we witnessed Jeeps driving thru our yards to find a way to the beach? Is this the reputation we want our Crystal Beach to have in the tourist scene???

  8. Jerry Schreiber says:

    I agree, trash in your yard, the law taking drunks and fighters off your street in the middle of the night, razors-atvs-drunks in huge trucks using every street to the beach as a drag strip .Oh yes, the beach, holes-ruts-trash and now it can not be raked,thank you A.C.O.E. your timing is perfect .But some made money,at the expense of the rest of us, so I guess it’s OK.

  9. Patty Ergenbright says:

    I, too, agree with Georgia. Is the almighty dollar enough to take away our common sense? I would never vote for this event to occur. The beach was trashed beyond imagination. This weekend has developed into the WORST FREE FOR ALL and DO ANYTHING. I came down to protect my property NOT to enjoy the weekend. If there is anything we can do to stop it from happening – please let me know. I know this despicable behavior was NOT done by all.
    Thanks to Georgia for speaking out.

  10. Janice Foster says:

    I SO agree with you Georgia! I left Crystal Beach purposely to not be there during jeep weekend. And from all the way up in Michigan, I heard some of the horror stories.

    No, we should find out what we have to do to stop this weekend from happening. And I will support it all the way!

    Thanks for having the nerve to say what all of us are thinking.

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