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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Most of us have told our children, whatever you do will come back doubled. And most of our children just blow it off, until! That is what this is all about. When I graduated from High School, Mom and Dad purchased a Chevy11 for me to drive back and forth to college. Of course, that is not all I drove the car to and from. Some times to the dance halls between Brenham and College Station and back to Esquire Ball Room on old Hempstead Highway. Now I did ask permission for four of us girls to drive the car to Dallas to Six Flags and other short excursions. My point here is I know my Mom worried about me and never said a word. It’s like when I had our first born girl and realized Mom knew every time I said I got home on time and had lied through my teeth. I think when I was sitting at the kitchen table at the farm with baby DiDi in my lap and said “I’m sorry” to her about the above, I got the biggest laugh from her.

When our two girls were growing up in their late teens and taking fun trips with friends, of course, I got it back two fold. The first born always told us “most” of her plans whereas our youngest, who knows where she really was. She is our adventure child.

Now all of their children are 16 to 27 and guess what, it goes around again.

This summer was the first time Di’s house was very quiet, all babies were gone. What do you do with yourself? One whole week – no peoples. Even Chris, her husband, was out of town. MAS was at church camp outside of San Antonio, Em was at the lake with friends and Ashlynn lives on her own.

Dianne with her three children

Rene, our second born, the adventure one, got some of that worry too. Josh left last Friday for Wyoming by himself. Rene’ was up most of the night chatting with him so he would stay awake. He sent pictures of the sun coming up over the mountains and then she slept for 2 hours before going into work. LOL! She thought she was going to lose him to the mountains, but then yesterday he called and said “MOM!! It’s snowing and sleeting here. Can you believe that, this morning it was 76 and now it is colder than a _____! Mom it is JULY!!!!” He is on his way home as I write.

Rene’s family with RR

Now then the second born of Rene’s is Jon and calls home Thursday morning. MOM! Where is the road I am to turn on for New Braunfels? Where are you? Oh I’m on 290 at Buc-ee’s. Grief child you passed I-10 way back there. Get back on the beltway and go South and turn on I-10 that says San Antonio. “OK”

I love it. I had to tell Rene’ I had to hang up, because I was going to bust out laughing in her ear. You see, Rene’ is truly directionally challenged.

What goes around comes around.

Life is good.


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