Golf carts on beach after dark

golfcart0By Jonathan Juan
I own a cabin at Rancho Carribe. My family and I are here for spring break. Monday we were on the beach in our golf cart at 8:00 pm when we were pulled over by a deputy sheriff. He said “what are you doing?” I said “riding our golf cart on beach.” He said “it is illegal to ride on beach after dark.” I said “what???” I am a Beaumont lawyer and the next morning I checked statute. Clearly the Transportation Code did not say that. It allows golf carts on all “private or public beaches.” There are no daytime restrictions. I sent a copy of the statute to Galveston county judge, all four commissioners, the sheriff and the DA. The sheriff called me. He was nice but said “that is the law.” I asked him to look at statute. The county judge’s staff called. After 10 minute conference call they agreed with me. They said they would contact DA and sheriff. The sheriff emailed me later and said he agrees with me and would tell all deputies we can ride golf carts at night.

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  1. Natalieabork says:

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  2. Sandy Toes says:

    I would simply appreciate knowing what the rules are re Atvs, 3Wheelers, Golf Carts, Fires at night, camping, etc. OR where to find accurate information. I am a Legal Beagle…thanks to the Lawyer

  3. Mike LaBerge says:

    this is our second year of being an owner at the beach. When our drive way was new somebody did turns and spinouts on it and under the house leaving black tire stains that did not look like golf cart tracks to me. last week saw similar tracks again in our lawn and later 2 ATVs driving through the dunes (they were gone by the time Sheriff showed up). I do not want ATVs banned but they are capable of doing things golf carts can’t and some owners have less respect for public and private property.

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  5. wjs says:

    I’ve yet to meet a Galveston County Deputy that gave a rip about the peninsula or its citizens. Even had one tell us we had to leave our bonfire one night because the beach was “closed.” When questioned he threatened to arrest us for public intoxication. What a joke, it’s time to bring back the local Constables.

  6. Liz LeMoine says:

    We love going to the beach and be able to ride our side by side down the beach. We do not speed or destroy anything. Our side by side does not make any more noise than a vehicle driving down the street. I am just amazed at some of the comments people make once they begin to live at the beach full time. The very reason that they and all of us enjoy and spend time there are now the very thing they(some) are complaining about. I wish they would lighten up a bit. One of the main reasons people go to the beach is to relax, de-stress and play a bit. If someone has become so anti-social and people get on your nerves that easily why wouldn’t they move to an area of the beach that is not always filled with visitors? There are other areas that are not so populated. There are laws that prevent speeding, destruction, drinking and others I did not list so banning UTV’s does not really make sense when they can be driven and comply with current laws.

  7. Don Veronie says:

    Side by Sides have head lights, tail lights, brake lights, seat belts and protective roll bars. Way more safety features than golf carts. The speed capability argument is stupid because it is a function of the driver control. The jeeps, pick-up trucks, and other automobiles can go in excess of 90 mph but they are allowed. It’s called “speed limit” that the law can and should enforce. The cops can and should and do enforce/stop all types of unsafe driving, but to stop some legal aged sober driver just because they happen to be in a different type of little vehicle is ridiculous.

  8. Jim Adcock says:

    My wife and I visit Bolivar each year and have been doing so for over 25 years. We used to have ATV s but now have a “side by side”. We use it on our farm but bring it to the beach. We never come during a holiday or weekend. We slowly ride the beach and look for shells often picking up glass and other trash. My question is,,,what’s the difference between a golf cart and my side by side. 4 wheels and a motor,,,right? By the way we are in our 70’s. We have a pick-up that will mess up a lot more than our UTV.

    • Steve Thompson says:

      You are an exception to the rule….
      Unfortunately, you cannot let one and not the other.

      I don’t have a cart or ATV, so I don’t have a dog in this fight!

  9. mac mcdonald says:

    Some one replied here that they didn’t know golf carts were not aloud on county roads going to and from beach and only atv were. Well they have the regulations backwards. Atv and such have to be put on trailers and taken to the beach and only golf carts can only be driven to the beach on a county road but not the highway or shoulder of the highway.

    • Steve Thompson says:

      I believe you are correct…or at least this is how I understand the rule (law).

      Thanks to Mr. Juhan (with a J) the old ‘South Park Greenie’ that brought this issue to the forefront.

  10. Doug says:

    Personally no problems with Licensed people operating golf carts on beach with the reflective triangle & lights. The people who own beachfront homes have a right to not hear blasting music all nite. The real safety hazard is driving on public streets & the highway, that includes the shoulder. I have seen horrible wrecks in Crystal beach once a drunk drove thru a family fixing a flat in front of Ships wheel & don’t want to see any more people killed. Please do not allow your children to drive these & if your drinking don’t drive at all. I love seeing the area build back up & want to welcome all.

    Completely against atv’s & Golf carts on public roads.

  11. Linda Cowles says:

    I agree with most of what’s been said , but think the real problem is selective enforcement. On holiday weekends, the Galveston County Sheriffs are too busy handling drunks and disorderly beach goers to stop all the violators. Underage drivers, open containers, ATV’s on the street, overloaded golf carts are just a few examples of unsafe behavior on the beach and roads of Crystal Beach.

  12. Steve Thompson says:

    Here we go again!

    Golf-carts after dark are NOT the problem. The ‘off-road recreational vehicles (ATVs, side by sides, etc.) are a problem…day or night.

    I did NOT know that golf carts weren’t allowed in the neighborhoods (to/from the beach)….only the ATVs.

    Some of these things will do 60+ miles per hour…
    They are also noisy as hell!

    I also see people parking their vehicles (and trailers) in several ‘unauthorized’ places to ferry these machines to/from the beach!

    A ‘county ordinance’ could be prepared to remedy this problem before someone else gets hurt (or heaven forbid….killed!)

  13. Carlis cole says:

    The issue is, golf carts cannot be driven on residential streets after dark. Not wanting anyone to be ticketed, the carts must be trailered to and from the beach after dark. The carts must also be driven only by a licensed driver. The carts must also be equipped with front and rear lights and slow moving vehicle triangle on rear. Please stay safe everyone. Thanks Carlis Danna Cole

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