Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

By Linda Elissalde
Summer ends on September 22, 2022, and fall begins on September 23, 2022. That is according to the astronomical calendar. When you live on the Bolivar Peninsula it is hard to tell when one ends and the another begins. They just sort of blend into each other. However, there is one definite delineation between the two. That is the annual CRYSTAL CANAL END OF SUMMER PARTY.

This year it was held at the home of Elaine and Dennis Rollfing on Crystal Beach Road. As always the food was, “Fab U Lust”! Dennis Rollfing and Greg Holcombe, 5 star men of barbecue, cooked up the best meat ever. Mary Ann Harrison, Tom Harrison and Janie Mayfield helped with the event. Attendees brought multiple mounds of delicious foods. These included hors d’oeuvres, salads, dips, breads and vegetables of every hue and flavor. A dessert table literally groaned under mountains of decadent desserts. Everyone ate way too much.

Hostess Elaine Rollfing welcomed all guests

Dennis Rollfing and Greg Holcombe, 5 star men of barbecue

Then guests danced off some calories to music provided by an outstanding band, The Leftovers, that provided tunes for all ages. Everyone stood to join in “The Star Spangled Banner” with hands over hearts. Then they broke loose to jitter-bug, two step, special dance numbers, and sway away in smooth sounds. Children had a great time playing around in an open area. Everyone did help a bit with clean up after the gala.

‘The Leftovers’ provided tunes for all ages.

The guests danced off some calories, shown here Marcel and Linda Elissalde.

There is a nostalgia to ending summer, but when you attend Crystal Canal’s End of Summer Party, it makes it a bit easier to say, GOOD BYE, SUMMER; HELLO, FALL!

Georgia Osten, Sherry Morgan, and Marsha Fredenburg



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