Great Minds Think Alike

By Georgia Osten
The other day, someone brought two huge boxes of peaches to the Fire Station. “Take all you want!” So, I did. I grabbed a gallon zip lock and put as many in it as I could. Well, when I got home, there was a zip lock stuffed with peaches sitting on the counter in the kitchen. So, I thought, my husband must have been given more peaches.

It reminded me of the time, over 40 years ago, we came across a bushel of peaches, they were on their way out, the only thing we could think of was daiquiris. Oh my goodness! I asked him just the other day “how did you know how to make daiquiris?”

I’m really excited about the weekend coming up because we have the whole family coming. Everyone has picked a night for dinner, the girls will bring lunch stuff from HEB and I’ve decided to make desserts. I froze enough blackberries for a cobbler and Kel will bring strawberries from Sam’s for Strawberry Shortcake, so why not some Peach Cobbler or Peach Crisp too? I got a gallon of Cool Whip the other day and PawPaw and Addyson are going to make homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Well, these peaches were on their way out, they ripen fast, I didn’t think they’d last for another week. I looked up how to freeze them, it was really quite easy, a little tedious. To get the skin off, you must blanch them. You boil them for 30 seconds, then drop them into a ice bath. Easy enough. I did about 3 at a time, the process goes rather quickly. Most of them peeled easily, it’s cutting them up that requires some skill, they’re a slippery, slimy mess once the skin comes off.
No problem, I had three trays cut up on parchment paper to freeze overnight. So, this morning, I bagged them in zip locks, ready for next weekend’s delight. Oops, forgot lemon juice, so I squeezed a lot of lemon this morning as I was packing them away.

Wow, I feel like my Granny, I’ll bet she “canned” a bunch of peaches in her day.


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