Gumbo A-Plenty

The 8th Annual Driftwood Charity Gumbo Cookoff started early Saturday morning. Hosted by Jackie and Brian Sticker at their beautiful home on Sandman Drive, the cooks prepared their gumbo dishes and the margarita teams began handing out samples. The gumbo teams competed in two categories: chicken and sausage, and seafood. And the ever popular Margarita competition did not disappoint. All teams competed for trophies and the coveted People’s Choice Award.

Hosts, Brian and Jackie Sticker

Gumbo sampling continued into the afternoon as visitors placed their bids on the numerous silent auction items and danced to the music of Bayou Sounds. The big attraction keeping everyone busy was an ice luge: a shot of booze is poured down a groove carved into a block of ice into a waiting mouth.

While the judges were upstairs tasting the gumbo, a live auction was underway downstairs.

After judging, Jackie announced the winners. Peace, Love & Gumbo ran away with the show, winning 1st Place Chicken and Sausage, 2nd Place Seafood, and People’s Choice Award, along with Kids’ Choice!

Other winner were Son Of A Beach, 1st Place Seafood Gumbo and 1st Place Margarita; #winning, 2nd Place Chicken & Sausage Gumbo; Team 86, 2nd Place Margarita and Peoples Choice Margarita

Over $14,000 was raised to be given to the charities selected by the winners. Donations will be made to the following:
– Peninsula Sports Park (Peace, Love & Gumbo)
– High Island School Athletics (Son of a Beach Gumbo)
– High Island Project Graduation (Son of a Beach Margaritas)
– Eagles (Son of a Beach Margaritas)

Thank you to all of the supporters and judges:

Gumbo Judges, Jim Herndon & Jack Davis

Margarita Judges, Carl & Karen Aucoin

Kids choice judge, Kirby Leggio


Son Of A Beach: First Place Seafood Gumbo, First Place Margarita

Peace, Love & Gumbo: 2nd Place Seafood Gumbo, 1st Place Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, People’s Choice Award, Kids’ Choice Award

#winning: Second Place Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

Team 86: Peoples Choice Margarita, Second Place Margarita



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