Happy 80th Birthday, Bob

By Linda Elissalde
SURPRISE! That is exactly what Robert Morgan’s birthday was – at least to Bob. Leave it to his sister Sherry to plan an event – and keep it a secret from her big brother. He expected a few friends to join him at his 80th birthday on July 19, 2021, but not a crowd. There were 21 friends waiting for him at Tiki Beach Bar and Grill. When he came inside, everyone jumped up to shout “Happy Birthday, Bob”. Justice of the Peace, and former mayor of Port Arthur, Mr. Morgan was definitely not expecting such a grand reception.

He was seated at the head of a long row of tables. Gregory and Veronica took all the orders. (They were great!). Then, all the birthday cards must be passed along for each to read. Most of them made fun of his age. However, Carole Chambers did give him a nice one that even contained a delicious recipe. The Elissaldes presented him with a lovely picture frame containing their photo. We heard that he later changed the picture for one of his family.

Everyone enjoyed their fine dinners while visiting and reliving old memories. At last came the moment for blowing out candles, cutting and distributing gooey, yummy, chocolate cake.

The party for Bob was a most joyful occasion. He graciously thanked all the attendees. We can only wonder: What will Sherry plan for number 81?

Happy 80th Birthday, Bob!


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