Happy Birthday Dax!

By Georgia Osten
I never get the birthdays right. When we arrived at the skating rink yesterday for his party, I was taken aback by the cake with a big number “7” on it. I thought he was 8? Glad I didn’t buy that “Big Boy #8” birthday card I saw at WalMart! I remember his birth so well. We were in North Carolina taking care of the older two, and it snowed on his Birthdate!

I remember going to WalMart (again) and everyone was stocking up on snow supplies. It was kind of like here when we’re expecting a hurricane. But, snow? I just couldn’t wrap my arms around the urgency.

But let’s go back to the birthday party at a skating rink “of all places.” Man oh Man, did that take me back. It had to be every weekend growing up, every Saturday night for sure. I guess my Mom would have to come pick me up when the skating rink was closing. Had to have someone pick me up because I sure wasn’t driving at that stage. If I were driving, I sure wouldn’t have been skating, I would have been driving!

Oh, those were the days, good clean fun! Skating to music, round and round, in the same direction. Races, doing the Hokey Pokey … I’ve gotta tell you, my feet were itching to put on some skates yesterday just to see if I could still do it. There was a guy out there on skates, had to be my age … It’s so cool, he never grew up.

My son and daughter-in-law, who are fully grown with 3 kids, were invited to a grown up skating party just the other night. The rink was rented by a grown up Birthday Kid, the event began at 10 pm when the rink closed to the public. A bar and grown up refreshments were served. Now, that I can’t imagine – skating and drinking.

And, of course I remember when we were a lot younger and the metal skates that attached to your shoes and you wore your skate key on a chain around your neck. Yep, those were the days, I’m so happy I got the chance to experience those good times growing up.

Y’all polish up your skating skills, next year I think we’ll have a Senior’s Skating Party for my birthday.

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