Happy Days

By Georgia Osten
Every month or so, my husband and I escape over to our “Home Away From Home” in Galveston. I know it’s not far away, but it’s a great escape from reality for us, it rejuvenates our souls and spirits. The Tremont House on Mechanic is our favorite by far. Once, as a payback for loaning our house for a prom, we were given a night in one of their suites. Very plush, but it didn’t spoil us too bad; the next visit, we were able to enjoy just the one room queen again.

As usual, we found a restaurant we’d never been to, it’s a new Mexican restaurant on Postoffice. We sat at the bar, which is our usual preference, and watched one of the employees make fresh ceviche. Remarking on what she was using in her dish, she gave us a bowl with fresh mahi mahi. Oh my gosh, what a treat!

We just love to try restaurants within walking distance. Galveston is such a fun city to explore and there are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity of our hotel. The topper of the evening is a martini from the Tremont bar. They must have 20 or so to choose from. My favorite is the cucumber. For my second drink, Tom, the bartender, made me a Floridian, with orange juice and Cointreau. Tom is a dead ringer for The Fonz! Yep, Henry Winkler! We asked him if anyone had ever told him he looked like Arthur Fonzarelli, silly question. “Of course,” he said. But some have said he looks like the love child of Al Pacino and The Fonz. Whatever, sorry I asked.

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

Sorry, this isn’t part of the theme song for Happy Days, but I think it ought to be “incorporated.”

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