Happy Endings

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
As I told you last week, we are cat people. RR did not start out to that persuasion, he was a dog person. Of course, I helped him enjoy both cats and dogs. They get along very well with each other. When we purchased the house on Boyt, we had just adopted the little cat that had been abandoned when the people next door in League City left her behind. As we fed her she began to blossom, literally. You see, she had many babies in her belly. She made us proud grandparents of five of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Of course, I have never seen an ugly cat. Just sayin’. So Molly and family moved to the beach with us and two inside cats. Grief!

As time went by most of these babies went to good homes and we were left with Potsqually, Kiddle, Millie, (Larry’s friend) and Momma, Molly. One night we heard this horrible sound coming from down stairs. Off we go to investigate, well there was a baby cat under my garden house making all this racket. This tiny thing was mostly white with a little orange stripe. We finally got him to come out from under the house with food and talk. He became Squeaky.

Squeaky, Smokey, and Millie

Then some time later in the culvert was a new baby, Smokey. By this time I had become Cat Lady of Boyt Road. Smoky was a Blue Russian and so sweet, of course, you can come live with this crazy family. All these cats made visits to the Vet. Squeaky and Smokey were true feral cats at heart. Getting them into a kitty carrier is a whole nother story. Any way they got “fixed”. Took weeks for them to trust us again.

When we purchased our home on wheels, we knew we could not take Smokey and Squeaky with us. Our neighbors, Chris and Nikkie, said they would take both and feed them. Both cats loved the fields behind us and across the road. We always received prizes at the front door in the mornings, Ugh!

As years went by, we would visit both neighbors, and these two fur babies. I had a horrible call for Squeaky, and Chris kept it going, and Squeaky would come a runnin’ for food and lots of scratches on the head. Smokey was more standoffish but he would come to eat. And then Smokey did not come at all. Of course, we all thought the worse. Well Smokey decided a family down the street was more to his liking. So he adopted them. Smoke had his own kitty house and a family that loves him, Thank You.

The 4th of July get-together with Larry & Debbie we saw Squeaky crossing the road to the field. I let out that horrible SQUEAAAAKEY, and he stopped, turned, and looked. He was on a mission for a mouse or something.

Don’t you just love happy endings.

Be nice to our fur babies and people.


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