Happy Father’s Day 2

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
To the world of Dads I hope this day was the best for you. I hope your children and grandchildren remember you and send to you all their love.
My Dad was a quiet man, he was not well educated but worked hard to take care of his family. Daddy had two brothers and a sister, when they needed help he was there for them too. He and Mom purchased his Mother’s grocery store and turned it into a cleaning and pressing shop. They took care of his Mom until the day she passed away. She stayed in the house she and her husband built that was attached to the cleaning shop and Mom cooked and took care of her. My sister was born in the attic of this home in 1932. Back then, we took care of our families.

Dad’s favorite thing to do was enjoy a holiday. For Easter he always helped hunt for the eggs all the way until he passed. The grandchildren always loved to hunt with Papa. They held hands and baskets and off they went. At Christmas, Dad always had his red flannel shirt to wear and of course, rolled cotton for a beard. Young ones will not know what a roll of cotton is but that is OK too.

Dad loved to deer hunt as I have written before, but most of all he loved to dance. He taught me and both of our girls to dance. When they were little, they would put their feet on his feet and off they would go around the dance floor – Granddaughter and Papa with big smiles on their faces. No matter where we were, Papa would dance with one of us girls. Love you to the Moon and Back.

Now to the man I married and love. RR came into our family even with much disdain from my family. He persevered, and won the hearts of all the family, thank you!

This man was so happy having two daughters, and to this day he is their role model for all men. In their eyes there is nothing Daddy can not do, and he is always just a phone call away for help.

Both girls had their own way of wrapping Dad around their finger. Dianne always needed a little assistance in all new adventures and Dad was there to hold her hand. Whereas with Rene’, she was his shadow. No matter what the chore was, she was there to assist and ask why. Di needed a little assistance in swimming and Dad was there to hold on to. Rene was the one you had to watch because she would jump into the water after Dad, and of course, he was there for her.

Both girls were in Ag in High School and Dad was always there to take to the barn for feeding, cleaning the pen and training the sheep. When there was a show, Dad was there for support and money for everything on a stick to eat. Both girls were always with us for Salt Grass Trail time and right next to RR on the wagon. They shared pb&j on the wagon and lots of laughter.

Unbeknownst to me, as each baby girl was ready to walk down the aisle, their Dad would lean in to ask, “are you sure Baby, we can turn around and just have a really big party.”

As married women, it was difficult at first, as husband, should always be just like Daddy. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes Mom had to step in to explain that it takes time to be like Daddy.

He was always on a pedestal to those girls and he still enjoys that pedestal with his baby girls.


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