Happy Father’s Day

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I am very lucky, my Dad was loving but firm, funny but go-by-the-rules type of man. He did not have an education like men do today. His was hard knocks and figure it out yourself and a fine job he did. Every morning he would take the Houston Post to our cleaning shop and after all the clothes were cleaned and pressed he would rest and slowly read the entire paper. That was much of his education and understanding. I was lucky enough to be Daddy’s lil girl. In the summertime I would always travel to our rental houses with him to help and get in the way so he could clean an empty house and repair.

Happy Father's Day, by Charlotte Byus

Dad was loving but firm, funny but go-by-the-rules type of man.

When my two little girls came along, RR became the king of the hill. HE had given my daddy more little girls to tag along with Papa. Of course, I had nothing to do with it! Daddy was a quiet man and very seldom said much. When we would leave the farm, the girls and I would give him a big hug and kiss and always say “I Love You” and he would get tears in his eyes and nod his head. To this day I treasure those nods.

Happy Father's Day, by Charlotte Byus

RR became the king of the hill, here pictured with daughters Rene and Di.

Di and Rene’ grew up with the same wonderful father. RR has always been patient and very loving to our girls. From birth to today he has loved them with all of his heart. He read them bedtime stories, was Mr. Shampoo Man, and very much teacher of the rules of life. Every Sunday we were at church and every weekend that we could, he would take us to see my Mom and Dad. That was very important to RR. At Christmastime he would work two jobs so the girls could have a wonderful Christmas. Both girls were in AG and he was right by their side all the way. To both of our daughters he said, as he walked them down the aisle, “Are you sure? We can just go home if you are not too sure.” Thank You, RR. You are the best!

Our girls grew up and found men of their own. They made great sperm donors, we have smart and beautiful Grand Children. But, they did not make good husbands and being a good Grand Mama I will leave it at that.

Our second born, Rene’, found a man to make her happy and adores and loves her two boys. They have been together about seven years and each day I thank the Lord for a loving and fun man to love Josh and Jon. He is a good teacher for cars and trucks and when the boys will stay home, he teaches them life’s great humor.

Happy Father's Day, by Charlotte Byus

Jason and Boys

Our first born has three children and she spent most of her adult life raising these beautiful children by herself just as Rene did. Then one day she met Chris. Once again, Thank You Lord. Di’s oldest Ashlynn, had already left home and was on her own when he came into their lives. Emily, middle child, picked him out on the internet, said, “Looks good to me, Mom”. Matthew, was not to sure about any of this.

Happy Father's Day, by Charlotte Byus

Chris and Di with all the kids

Now I want to share with you what Emily has posted to Chris for Father’s Day.

“If when I was 17, someone told me I could build a dad, I wouldn’t have wanted to. I was raised by a Mom who gave me every single thing I needed, I didn’t want for anything, including a father. She was both to me. But thank goodness God knew so much better than I did. If I could’ve built the BEST Dad, he still wouldn’t have come close to you. You are the best, most patient teacher, the funniest friend, and the kindest listening ear. I am so grateful that even though we don’t share the same DNA, I am so much like you, it’s scary. I love you most, I am always so thankful you chose us.”

Thank you, Lord, for both of our son-in-laws. They are the best. Love you Jason and Chris to the moon and back.

Happy Father’s Day.


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