Heartbreak – All the damage done by the freeze

By Georgia Osten
I got out there yesterday to begin trimming away at all the dead stuff. My sago palm was my first victim, I filled up two garbage cans with the branches from the sago. It resembles a pineapple now. A friend of mine posted a very interesting article by Ronald Barlow, Sabine County Agriculture, Dealing with Freeze Damage on Plants. Basically, the advice is to leave just about everything, let the new stuff become visible, and then, go ahead and trim off all the dead stuff.

Easier said than done. First impulse is to go ahead and cut everything back. Another friend of mine, said to NOT cut everything back to the ground, you’ll deplete all/if any of the strength of the plant. But, oh, how depressing. Right after the freeze, you could tell things had been “nipped,” but days later, everything has just turned brown and mushy.

To tell you the truth, when I went to WalMart last Friday, I bought new flowers, 4 geraniums, 2 tomato plants and some pansies. Now, the temps are dropping again, I haven’t planted my new plants yet, I’ll just put them in the garage until this spell passes.


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