Hello 2020!

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
About resolutions, not happening for me. I’m way too old to even think about an exercise program, well maybe a little walking about the park. The park is cemented and easy to navigate day or afternoon, if I only had Momma Kitty to walk with me and meow to me along the way. I thought I had found a stray kitty several weeks ago, even went so far to purchase a bag of kitty food, but it is still full and kitty has not been back. Darn. Just dawned on me, I’ll start my walking and calling “Kitty-Kitty” and maybe some fur baby will follow me home.

RR said I had to stay in the house today and tonight, no ditches for me tonight. Hopefully, I can stay on my feet and out of ditches this year. Last year was no fun.

The other day at the grocery store I spoke to the lady in line behind me and she smiled and thanked me for my kindness of speaking. Totally took me by surprise. Maybe that will be something I work on this year, a kind smile and a good word. The problem with that is you have to be over 50 to have your head out of a phone so you can see my smile. I think that also goes for me, too.

Ok guys that it is, my new years resolution is eyes up and kindness to others. That means those people I don’t know. You know, we are Texans. At one time we all did this, remember? Good-Mornin’, Have a nice day, be safe, those are words we used everyday. I am going to write myself a note for the dinner table to work on this everyday. Maybe I’ll start with RR, LOL!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year.


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