Help! In the Kitchen

By Georgia Osten
For a long time, Wednesday has been my husband’s night to prepare dinner. It’s our little trade off. He’s a very good cook, let’s get that straight before I go on. The only thing missing is orderliness. I’m trying to be kind. He uses a lot of gadgets and many pots and pans. There are spills and minor disasters. Bottom line, a wonderful meal, and he cleans up everything.

Now, moving on to my granddaughters. Emma loves to cook and she’s a great cook as well. I must mention Emma’s in college, soon to graduate from Baylor. Messy, yes ma’am. Uses many utensils, pots & pans, etc. Doesn’t particularly like to clean up after herself, that’s okay, that’s what Grandma is around for. Emma doesn’t use a recipe for anything, measurements are just “a little of this, and a little of that.” This girl makes a fantastic apple pie from scratch!

Addyson is 12 going on 21. She loves to bake. PawPaw gets her to bake peanut butter cookies for him every time she visits. She knows the recipe by heart. Messy, yes! She’s learning measurements. Sometimes she’ll get confused about ¼ cups and ½ cups, and ¼ teaspoons and ½ teaspoons, but usually we can figure out why her cake batters are a little too thin.

I’ll never forget the chocolate chip cookies that spread out and filled the whole cookie sheet. After it baked, it had to be chipped off the cookie sheet with a spatula. But pancakes!?! The girl’s got her secret recipe for pancakes and waffles. THE SECRET’S IN THE SAUCE!

All this being said, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of the kitchen, I know my place, and I’ll stand ready and willing at the sink to clean up after every one of them!

Bon Appétit


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