Historical Markers on Bolivar

Hmarker-00Historical markers can be found on many of the highways and byways throughout the state. These markers commemorate diverse topics in Texas past, including historical settlements, symbolic buildings, military sites, and important individuals. We have all seen them, but do we take the time to stop and read the story? On Bolivar, there are several historical markers that tell part of the rich history of the peninsula. Starting at Fort Travis and ending in High Island, you can find 11 of these markers. Some day, take the time to drive along the highway and visit each one. You will surely enrich your historical knowledge of the area.

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One Response to “Historical Markers on Bolivar”

  1. realist says:

    FEMA paid $1900.00 to the Texas Historical Commission years ago for replacement of the marker at Rollover Pass, Number 1766. THC gave the money to Galveston Historical Commission to complete the task.

    Galveston Historical Commission wants to rewrite history and change the wording on the marker. The excuse is, there is a new foundry and the font size is different. Waaahhh!! So get a different foundry.

    So why isn’t Galveston County, so arrogant that they take millions of dollars from the state to ruin the same historical area, making sure this task is complete?

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