Hot Hot Hot

By Georgia Osten
Oh my goodness, things are heating up again. Two little baseball games coming up next weekend. The Littles! Yep, Pierce has his opening game on Saturday at 1:00 and Riggs & Fisher’s game is at 3:30. It’s Opening Day, so there’s a parade in the morning, games, and parties into the evening. We plan to make it to the games for sure!

Then, Birthdays, oh my goodness. We started out early March with our youngest daughter’s, then today is our #5 Grand, the 27th is our #3 Grand, then April 5th, the Twins (the youngest of The Littles). Then May, our Son-in-Law, then mid-May, the oldest Grand, end of May, our Son. Then, first of June, our oldest Daughter. I think we have a break then, until September.

Don’t worry, someone in my family will let me know if I’m wrong!

Oh, take a look at this puzzle I just finished. I guess Maezy swished off a piece with her tail, I’ll find it some day.

I’m excited because the Crab Fest is getting near. Also, people are beginning to come back to visit us. Mike and Idgie will be here next weekend. Our Daughter and Son-in Law will be here as well. Paul is planning to enter the Cook-off at the Eagles. Wishing him luck and many trophies!

Oh, one more thing, Jorge finally found time to come work on my gardens today. New mulch and a much-needed clean up. Now, I can go out there and plant my little sweet potato vines, three on each side will do it. Oh, and he discovered my hibiscus are coming back. I’m thrilled beyond belief!

But, seriously, I want to dedicate this Sand Bucket to my dear friend Oakley. I remember when we went to shelters to find her 15 years ago. I want to say, she was MY pick! She lived a wonderful doggie life. As my daughter would say, she was an Alpha Dog, but she made everyone want a pet like her. She passed on her own terms, died in her sleep at 2:00 pm on Saturday at home on her bed. Her ashes will be ready today at 4:30 and she’ll come back home forever. I’m sure she’ll find Ruby Up There. I’m sure they’re frolicking around as we speak, maybe they found an ocean to swim in.

R.I.P Oakie Doke – Love, Grandma

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