House Fever

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This will be short as I do not think I am capable of writing and watching the rain at the same time. You see after only three days of total rain I now understand Cabin Fever, although, I can not call it cabin as I live in 40′ of a trailer. At least in a cabin you can find your crafts in a storage place in the cabin, mine are under the trailer or in the boat storage barn OR in the storage unit in League City, take your pick. That was truly run-on, but now you understand where my brain is.

I feel so sorry for all the people who came to Crystal Beach for the last of summer vacation, some of them anyway. All the families in the park have left and headed home for sunshine. I hope their travels are safe and uneventful. I have emptied the rain gage twice of 5 inches of rain, I give up!

Yesterday was our day of work in Galveston, I was inside selling lanyards and poor RR was outside dressed as the Gorton’s man. He had on a long slicker with a hood but he needed waders too. You see, he spent most of the day knee deep in water working with passengers loading and unloading airport buses. When we got home I helped him remove his socks, they were soaking wet all the way to his knees, ugh. His shoes were wet through and through, his toes were blue. This of course reminded both of us of long ago, of our priest in Alief who loved to fish. Many a Sunday at mass he would walk up the isle, his tennis shoes making squish-squish noises, as he had just come in from wade fishing.

I guess the only good thing about this three day weekend is very few people got sunburned. Let’s have a party when it quits raining and we can take back our beaches. Well maybe it will be a while to let all the rain soak in.


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