How much stress can we stand?

Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
In doing research on material for another lesson I am to teach, I found an interesting batch of material and statistics on stress and what it does to the human body. In this day and age in which we live, and with the constant struggle against Covid threats, stress related illnesses are all too common. More than 40 per cent of the American population admit to hosting stress in their life and women have a slight edge over men when the numbers are verified.

The following illnesses are identified as being stress related: Headache, lack of sleep, tiredness, pain (back and neck), over or under eating,, skin problems, drug or alcohol use, no energy, upset stomach, and less interest in normal activities.

How can we reduce or control stress? Doctors suggest exercises done regularly, having a good support system, positive attitude, let go of negatives, be assertive and not aggressive, find ways to relax, develop new interests, get rest and sleep.

When one recognizes stress in their life, they likely will gear up to fight, or turn to flight.

What are some major causes of stress? Death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job or income, finances, getting married, planning a wedding, moving, building or buying a new home, chronic illness, injury, emotional problems. Unhappy with job, or a heavy workload.

Being a long term caregiver, traumatic event, or a major life change can also cause stress.

What does the Bible say about stress?

Psalm 56:3
Proverbs 12:25
Psalm 34:4
I Peter 5:7

After preparing this lesson, I have thought of so many verses that could help us free our lives of stress. We must be willing to look at our life with an objective mind, use clear thinking, and guard against being swept up in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

I suggest you take the time to determine at least three verses, other than the ones I have used, that you feel could help you when stress begins building. Recognizing the triggers and being aware and prepared will help you to disarm and defeat stress before it gets you in a choke hold.

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