How wide the dunes are getting

Have you noticed how wide the dunes are getting, 2-3 dunes wide and over 25′ deep? Lee Crowder had thought about spreading this excess material back onto the beach during the winter months, but that hasn’t happened. The water is up to the dunes at high tide when the wind is up now leaving us with NO beach. We have BEACH HOUSES but won’t when there’s no beach.
(name withheld at writer’s request)

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19 Responses to “How wide the dunes are getting”

  1. Don says:

    ANOTHER ‘King Tide” 2/28/15! (no beach at all)

  2. Don says:

    William: Why do you call it “beach house” when there’s no beach? Go to east Texas and build a house.

  3. Don says:

    Saturday, nov. 22: Guess we have ANOTHER natural disaster with the water up to the dunes.
    King Tide 50 times a year, I don’t think so…

  4. Don says:

    Crystal Beach dunes, which used to be 1 row 8′ high, are now 3 or MORE rows deep(40′-60′)and 10′ high. They start out further on the beach than they were placed before Ike! Front row folks have more property now than before the dunes came back. The STATE has reprimanded Gal. Co. about taking their sand but the County still won’t push any of it back to heighten the beach.

  5. Joy says:

    Should you have to much sand in Crystal you can make dunes in Gilchrist

  6. Don says:

    Too bad out elected Officials can’t spend some time on this problem, such as in the ‘Town Hall Meetings’.

  7. Don says:

    This sunday, 9/21, and there is partially one lane for traffic, but you have to drive thru saltwater to go down the beach for 100 yards. The wind is East-southeast at 10mph(low). I’m guessing this another “King Tide”??? NOPE! It’s just the County taking the State’s sand and making more Galveston Property for their taxes!

    Shirley doesn’t live and have a home down here, she just pulls her stuff out before impending bad weather so no need for insurance. (By the way, the Gov’t is stopping the subsidized rates.)
    How do you think they got OJ??? FINANCIALLY !!! (+ some)

    Kitty said: I love Crystal Beach and hope to keep coming back forever! Do you want to stay in a house and LOOK at the Gulf when there’s NO BEACH? My house will be useless then.

  8. Shirley Williams says:

    Kitty Katz and William Comeaux sound right-on to me. The beach needs the dunes. From some of the comments…. I want to share something I saw on tv once. It was a sign that read, “WE CAN’T DISCRIMINATE LEGALLY, SO WE DO IT FINANCIALLY.” Off subject, but I think everyone should stop worrying about the insurance rates. Keep your lots and park RV’s on them. If you have to tow them back and forth (for that future “rule”), so be it.

  9. Jo E. Ball says:

    If you all think the beaches were bad on the Crystal Beach end, you should have visited the High Island end. It has not even been cleaned once this year. At least they clean them weekly down here think what it would be like if they didn’t. Until recently you couldn’t even walk on the beach much less drive on it. The high tides is all that help wash it away. Isn’t it all Galveston County don’t we all deserve the same thing.

  10. Name withheld says:

    He typed in Name Withheld as his name

  11. Gladys Pace says:

    If you think the “high dunes” are a problem just wait until the “Ike Dike” proposal gets funded and they take away our beach completely. 20+ ft seawall with a road on top. This project will get funded. Crystal beach homeowner’s will give up their homes and beaches for a seawall to protect the refineries and inland properties.

  12. Hollis Gassen says:

    Since the seaweed has made its present this year, we have lost at least 50 feet of beach in front of the Sandpiper subdivision. Between the “county beach cleanings” it was interesting to watch the seaweed capture the sand on the incoming waves, building the beach’s face and mostly sand free water wash back into the surf. One question that needs to be asked, is what the county can not clean the Peninsula’s beaches like the City of Galveston. They have a machine the scoops up the seaweed, sand and “trash left by humans”, but the sand is dropped onto the beach during the process and the other is hauled off the beach. Not dumped on the beach. Our beach has been “cleaned” so much that the sand has been removed from the beach’s face and we are down to clay in areas. If one would build a six foot wide dune crossing over the existing “county trash piles”, it would have to be twenty feet high and extend way out onto the beach, which would not be acceptable to the county. But, remember this has been one hell of a year for seaweed.

  13. Name Withheld says:

    I don’t know either.

  14. Kitty Katz says:

    I don’t think the dunes are big enough yet. They should be a barrier as well as a natural habitat. My parents live at Crystal Beach and I’m there every month at least once a month. The only time I’ve seen no beach is during King Tides, the rest of the time there is plenty of beach during high tide.

    The bigger problem is seaweed during the summer, which makes the beach unattractive and smelly. But for the safety of the beach and homes, I think the seaweed should be left alone so the beach will build up. Overtime there would be a lot more beach if the seaweed was left alone, in my opinion.

    I love Crystal Beach and hope to keep coming back forever!


    • Don says:

      It’s september 3rd…I guess ‘KING TIDES’ last for 2+ weeks in august and New Year’s eve last year, and a BUNCH at times since then. Me thinks Kitty Katz needs to come down more often since her folks don’t down to the beach that often and see there’s NO BEACH. You don’t care about the folks out here with nice homes, just let nature overrun the Peninsula…

      The ‘Ike Dike” will hopefully never get funded. If the plants/towns on Galveston Bay want it, THEY can build it in their back yard, not mine!
      The habitat is down from the ferry.

      By the way, did you folks know that the reason for the “waste treatment plant” is so the COUNTY can let the 1st row(before Ike) rebuild ON THE BEACH and collect MILLIONS per year in taxes? The state won’t let them put a septic system on the beach.

      Do NOT use my name(even though the discussion is getting better!) Let those busy-body’s keep wishing when they won’t add to the discussion…

  15. William Comeaux says:

    I would much rather have “beach houses” with dunes and no beach, than have no dunes, no beach and no “beach houses”

  16. Lamont Meaux says:

    How was that guy able to make a comment without attaching his name?

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