Hwy 87 & 124 Update

The Chamber of Commerce hosted a meeting last Tuesday with the Texas Department of Transportation to give an update on the highway elevation project between Rollover Pass and High Island and provide information on the changes and improvements to Highway 87 and the Highway 124 curve. TxDOT Galveston Area Engineer Jamal Elahi shared updates to the project. The elevation project began in May of 2018 and is on schedule to be complete this May 2020. There have been set backs due to weather conditions and sea fog, but it is 85% complete, with the beach protection portion 100% complete at this time. The final steps include the surface overlay and some driveway work. The finishing overlay will be smoother with the same surface quality as from Rollover to the Ferry. As always, “Safety is our top priority,” explains Jamal. Further discussion expressed that the construction going on at the ferry landing is to be complete by Spring Break. Again, this project was delayed due to the fog.

TxDOT Public Information Officer Danny Perez then addressed concerns regarding the ferry Medical Boarding Passes program. They are well aware of the many issues surrounding the passes and widely believed abuse of the program. Danny explained that, “it takes time to remedy the pass situation.” They are looking into and researching options to best serve the community. “Our ferry directors are adamant about finding new solutions,” Danny remarks.

The meeting was very much appreciated and the updates are welcome. The TxDOT representatives remind the community that their doors are always open.


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4 Responses to “Hwy 87 & 124 Update”

  1. Don says:

    The sign for the yellow pass says ‘Priority’ boarding on the Galveston side and ‘Medical’ boarding on the Bolivar side…go figure that out!

  2. Stephen Salvesen says:

    Although I own a home in port bolivar I’ve never truly understood the purpose of the padded. Is it for emergencies or convenience. I have been told I could get one easily in Galveston I have refused as a matter of principle. So, I wait in line whilev20 year old Johnny in his parents car cuts in front of me. He looked perfectly healthy to me! There has to be a better way. It just is an abused system that needs repair.

  3. Linda C Elissalde says:

    We have medical passes. When we first had them, we always had to show them to a person at the ferry line before we could get in the medical boarding lane. There were many times when we were asked to present our driver licenses to valid authenticity. Now we just hold ithem up and are waved on through.

    Perhaps inaugurating the practice of checking passes again would help this situation.

    Thank you.
    Linda C. Elissalde

  4. Robert Newsome says:

    Please keep in mind some of us have real medical problems and need to commute quickly.

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