I am Thankful for …

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
Family – First and Foremost! 
Christmas decorating – all done 
Thanksgiving Dinner – yummy 
Leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner – Even yummier 
Mailing last packages to Israel 
Continuing Christmas Shopping 
Nutcracker Market with family and friends – done 
Cool weather 
Espresso Martinis 

I’m sure there’s more, I can always add …

We had some great family moments this Thanksgiving. Lots of food, lots of games (thanks to the inclement weather), lots of pies, and plenty of yummy beverages! Emma made her ever-improving apple pie, this time with her very own home-made crust and her special choice of perfect apples. She also made our pumpkin pies, one for us and one for EMS (delivered in the major rainstorm on Thanksgiving Day).

Leigh introduced us to her newest miracle – Espresso Martinis! She brought her Espresso maker along with all sorts of Espresso-flavored pods, I provided the frosted martini glasses and to that, she added a splash of Vodka, and Voila! Oh, my goodness!

We played the ever-popular Mexican Train into the night on Wednesday and continued later on during the day on Thursday after dinner and Nap, of course.

Espresso Martini

Played several games of Crown Five, then topped off the evening with Farkle. Leigh couldn’t win for the life of her, so we played more games before they left to go home on Friday morning. Still unsuccessful, she required her family to keep playing with her when they got home! I hope she was successful, because my Grands, Emma and Grant, had to catch their flights on Sunday back to school, one in Colorado and the other in Indiana!

PawPaw and Maezy and I settled down to our quiet-ness at home, sort of.

Nothing would do, since I missed out on Black Friday, I had to get out there on Saturday to do some shopping. The crowds really weren’t that bad, I guess folks got it outta their systems on Friday.

All is well, time to do some Christmas wrapping, put some stuff under the tree.

Here’s hoping you all had a very homey and family-full Thanksgiving full of love and kindness.

Be Thankful!


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