I feel pretty…

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
Oh So Pretty! Sweet Maezy, it’s time for another trip to the hairdresser. I know you don’t like the generator noise her salon makes, but it’s necessary. Yes, Necessary. You see, we’re having company and we want Maezy to look her best. Besides, it cuts down on the shedding for a while. So, we called Shauna with Puds-N-Suds. Hopefully, it won’t take two hours this time. And, no, we don’t want her feet trimmed. We call her our Clydesdale Golden Non-Retriever. Non-Retriever because she will never bring the tennis ball back. On land, that is! Now, if you throw it in the water, yes, she will bring it back as soon as she finds it.

This is Maezy when she was just a little tyke.

We noticed some gray around the muzzle the other day. It happens to the best of us.

Hey, on another note, it’s getting hot out there. We tend to forget how brutal the heat can be here in Texas. Stay hydrated, wear protective clothing, beware of the signs of heat-related stress.


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