I guess summer is almost half over

By Georgia Osten
It’s going too fast. We wait in anticipation of which will be our next guests, it’s always a delight to be some part of our families’ and friend’s summer vacations. We’ve already had our youngest granddaughter for a week, it ran into July 4th when the whole family took turns visiting. This weekend, we’ll have one of the sisters and her kids, and later, our next to the oldest grandson will have his turn to come stay with us. It’s always fun planning what we’re going to do, the basketball hoop is on order.

The pool is in the planning, just waiting our turn in the “cement world” to have the slab poured for the above-ground pool. We’re all super excited about that. I think our daughter-in-law is anticipating having the pool set up for her regular summer beach visitors, she didn’t say but she asked if the pool would be ready in a month??

Our oldest grands, the two in college, will be short-timers here at the beach, one goes back for her third year at Baylor and the oldest grandson will be heading out to Colorado School of Mines. So hard to believe, seems like just yesterday they were taking their noon time naps on the couch.

We’re fortunate that we still have some little ones, six to be exact. We stayed with them last night so the big folks could go out to eat, what a treat (for us and them). The cousins played and played, and ate and ate, baths and time to settle down to watch a “kids” movie together – DUMBO. Oh my, the acting! DeVito, Michael Keaton, Colin Farrel, the blending of animation and real life characters was amazing.

Everyone was ready for bed by the time the grown ups returned home, The Littles got to go settle in early, but the rest of us Old Kids stayed up.

So thrilled to be a part of their lives – As usual, My Cup Runneth Over!

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you. Email: [email protected]


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