I’m excited as all get out!

Here we are, a week out from the big day. Stressed, yes! I even cancelled going to a Girls’ Get Together to play Mexican Train (for money). I’m a bit disappointed, because I’m sure it was my turn to win. It could have been a whopping $4 or $5 ahead! That’s okay, here I am at home trying to get this story written. I still have a lot to wrap. I thought I was through, but here comes the UPS guy (no, not Aaron), but nonetheless, with stuff from the North Carolina Mom. They’re coming here for Christmas, and their Mom is sending everything from Amazon, etc. to this house because they’re driving.

Talking with her on the phone just now, I told her the presents are going to be stretched from under the tree around the kitchen and down the hallway. Our Pearland family will make their usual trip to Oklahoma, but our League City gang will be here. Don’t you worry, Emma & Grant, Grandma will make blueberry muffins for breakfast on Christmas morning. These are the two oldest Grands, one at second year Baylor, the other graduating from high school in 2019 and heading to Colorado School of Mines. Could we be any more proud??

Gotta go now, I have Chex Mix to make. By the way, I still go by the “oven made” chex mix, not the microwave recipe one on the carton. We use real butter and Worcestershire Sauce. What’s with the garlic flavored bagel chips? I forgot to pick some up at Kroger, so if anyone is going tomorrow, can you please get me a bag? My husband swears they have them at The Big Store. Hear that Keith Zahar? Gotta have ‘em?

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

Oh, those, by the way, are our jam cookies, oh, stressed am I, got to get on those too.

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2 Responses to “I’m excited as all get out!”

  1. Jan says:


    I’m so glad to hear you are excited about spending time with family. Christmas has never been one of my favorite times of year, but this year I got really excited about spending Christmas with my family and Terry’s too. In Michigan, no doubt! Thank you for all your wonderful articles this year and thank Tom for this great newsletter too!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you next year!


  2. Yummy! Won’t you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by most of your Grand Kids. Love you.

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