I’m on a Roll

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
I’ve been on Cloud 9 since my family told me they want to come to the Beach to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have a lot of family, surprisingly! I’m an only child, but I’ve been blessed with three children. Our son will go to Oklahoma, our youngest daughter is in another country, our oldest daughter and family will be joining us. The two oldest grands, Emma and Grant are coming home from Indiana and Golden, Colorado. I can’t wait to see them!

We usually spend Christmas together at their house in League City, so, with them visiting for Thanksgiving, I wanted to have Christmas decorated here, just so they could see how we celebrate ALL OF THEM! I think it’s been 5 years or so since we’ve had Christmas here. Grant said “it’s a sacrilege to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, it shows a disrespect for Thanksgiving!” Oh dear, what’s a Grandma to do?

Anyway, the turkey is thawing in the fridge and both the ham and turkey will be ready to pop in the oven early on Thanksgiving Day. The pecan pie arrived today from Goode Company, I’ll bake the pumpkin pie (Leigh’s favorite) and Emma will prepare the apple pie. I’m letting her pick out the apples. After all, apple pie bakers have their specific apples for their pies!

We had planned to assist EMS, since their oven is on the blink. It’s a Viking and it’s being rather sensitive at this inopportune time of the year. Our EMS is always “there” for us, they’re on duty 24/7. Without an oven, “how’re they gonna bake a turkey?” The District Manager bought the turkey and ham and we, with the help of friends and family, were going to get them cooked. All the other EMS from the two other fire departments will chip in with a potluck from their kitchens to make it a real celebration. Ruthann came up with an electric roaster and with the crockpot, will create a fantastic meal!

Here’s wishing you ALL a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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