Imelda-Just like a secret, shhhhhhhhh

By Georgia Osten
Here came Imelda, Tropical Storm Extraordinaire! All of a sudden, the skies began to darken – I thought, wow, do we need the rain! And rain, it did! The sloughs filled with water, good thing, some of them were bone dry. The culverts filled as well. Where do all the skunks go when the culverts are full of water? I kept my slicker out for days, no use hanging it back in the back closet. Then, when I thought everything was okay, “a little rain can’t hurt,” we lost electricity.

No electricity, we have a partial-house generator, thanks to Generator Bill. (He’s gotta be the most popular guy on the Peninsula!) Sleeping is comfortable and getting ready for work is fine, venturing out through the rest of the house is stifling, but reassuring that the refrigerators and freezers are covered. I was thinking “this can’t last that long?” I mean, even with Harvey, we were only without power for 36 hours. (Don’t tell anyone, the thing I miss most about losing electricity is not being able to do laundry … Sick, very, very, sick!)

Anyway, without FULL electricity at home, being able to reach work, I went ahead and went to work (devoted employee that I am). BTW, we have full generator at work! – and Internet! Thank you Southern Broadband!

Work was a Zoo, literally. All employees, volunteer FD, et al, without electricity, came to the Fire Department for refuge, including pets, with their kennels. Sweet little critters visiting my office from time to time, it was Molly, Buddy, JR, and so on … Sweet little guys. I went back to the TV Room to witness many, including the Fire Chief, sitting in an oversized recliner with Buddy in his lap. All were onboard, ready to jump into action in a heartbeat!

We were dumbfounded when we heard that the electricity wouldn’t be restored until Saturday by 8pm. Are you kidding me? We were scheduled to go help babysit The Littles for Saturday night. Our Generator System needs special tweeking when electricity comes back on, so we knew one or both of us wouldn’t be able to fulfill our “Grandparent Responsibilities.”

Lo and Behold, at 10 pm on Friday night, the lights miraculously appeared, sitting there watching TV, just when I thought I couldn’t stand any more heat.

Saturday morning, everything back to normal on the “home front,” we set out to take on The Littles. Oh, they’re a challenge! Oh, they’re a delight! Oh, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

We hope all fared the storm as well as we did!

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you. Email: [email protected]


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