It wasn’t our normal weekend!

By Georgia Osten
We’ve been looking forward to having the twins for over a month now. We had no idea what to expect, thinking all the time, of course we can do this. After all, we raised 3 kids all by ourselves. Right? So what if it was over 30 years ago. Right? Not only have things changed, but we’ve aged quite a lot since those days. The twins are 15 months old. They’re a rambunctious pair, there’s never a dull moment (when they’re awake). Well, I should say “never,” because even when they’re asleep, there’s laundry and dishes and reconstruction to perform. They found many a drawer or cabinet without childproof locks, thank goodness we had a few extras. Doors had to be closed, an open door has the pulling force of a magnet. One time I went into the laundry room only to find Fisher in there with one of his toys. “Well hello there,” and pick him up and place him back out into the hallway.

I don’t see how their Mommy or Daddy does it … Changing a diaper or getting them into their Little Swimmers, changing their clothes or getting them into jammies took two of us. It’s like wrestling an octopus! It takes one of us to hold the youngster and the other to do the diaper or shirt or pants. And, Holy Cow, if you had a messy diaper to change, better get out the wipes ahead of time, have the new diaper ready and be ready to dispose of the yucky one QUICKLY! What a challenge!

PawPaw is ON IT when it comes to mealtime. We’ll discuss a menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner, but PawPaw will practically have the meal prepared by wake-up time. Oh the meals! For breakfast – pancakes, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. Lunch may be little ham chunks or quesadillas or hotdogs, mac & cheese and cantaloupe. Dinner is chicken strips or fish sticks, plain macaroni, and sweet potatoes – that was a hit! Green beans, not such a hit! Always fruit though, raspberries – love them!

Then, we introduced them to Red Jello which was fed to them straight out of the bowl. They loved it. They gather around the spoon like little birds. Same with Nutri Grain bars and Goldfish. Oh, and Nilla Wafers, yum! There’s not a lot they won’t try.

Our outings were often, upstairs on the deck (like a big playpen), downstairs to the yard, to the beach or in the pool set up in the yard under the canopy. They loved rides on the golf cart with Maezy. The beach was a special hit, because they were allowed to get as sandy as they desired. The surf was very gentle this weekend, they could sit at the water’s edge and enjoy the warm splashing over their legs. Only once or twice would they topple over. They’re both walking now, so there’s a lot of exploring to do.

All this fresh air made naptime and bedtimes easy for these seasoned grandparents. The outdoor shower was shared with Maezy. I think we used the correct shampoo for each?

We met Mommy and Daddy and Big Brother over in Galveston around 3 on Sunday to return Riggs and Fisher over to their family.

Back across the ferry, back to this big empty house to tear down both cribs and the blackout curtains. These are moments we’ll cherish forever. Come back anytime boys, bring your brother next time.

Love, Nana & PawPaw

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3 Responses to “It wasn’t our normal weekend!”

  1. Rhonda Tanner says:

    What a wonderful tale complete with the pics. Look forward to your articles every week

  2. Victoria Norris says:

    Lucky grandparents. Those two little angels are darling. I was hoping to have my two granddaughters here at the beach this summer, but it’s not happening. I enjoy reading your article each week, keep up the good work.

  3. KK says:

    Well if that isn’t the cutest Sandbucket ever written!! Your cup is obviously running over, Grandma! And might I add: you have the cutest gradnkiddos ever seen 😍

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