It’s been a wild weekend to say the least

By Georgia Osten
Our family came to rescue to pitch in at The 34th Texas Crab Festival, the house was bulging! As usual, our Child Canine, Maezy, latched on to one person and one person only. This time it was Brother Bill. Bill had one of the back bedrooms to himself, so Maezy moved in with him some time during the night. The next morning, we were all scrambling around, getting some coffee, grabbing a snack before heading over to the Park to begin working on Crab Fest. Out comes Maezy, walking really funny, kind of like there was something wrong with her feet.

She went straight to her bed, the favorite one in the living room. I looked over at her, noticing something crazy on her right front foot. It was one of those sticky mouse traps stuck to her foot. I know exactly where it was in the back bedroom, under the day bed, but how her foot happened to reach this trap, which was at the head of the bed, under the bed of course.

We cut off as much as we could, but of course, she walked around and now, there’s sticky stuff all over the place, on this rug, and that rug. Geez!
I was at a loss as to how to get rid of all the sticky spots, much less all the remaining goo on her foot!
Did you know you could google “how to get the sticky mouse trap goo off your pet or children?” And, there’s even a “how to get the sticky mouse trap goo off your carpet.” It’s white vinegar, who woulda’ thought?

I know there’s one other sticky mouse trap in the house, and it’s over there between the wall and the back fridge, where the ironing board is. Trust me, nobody, I mean, nobody, is going near that!


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One Response to “It’s been a wild weekend to say the least”

  1. Mavis says:

    If you don’t want the vinegar smell you can use any kind of oil! Vegetable or baby oil! It breaks down the sticky! Holly had to tell me! Lol I had no clue!

    Have a wonderful day!

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