It’s finally here

By Georgia Osten
All the preparation, all the emails and phone calls, and it’s finally here. The 33rd Texas Crab Festival, Crystal Beach’s biggest event of the year! I’m happy to have a partner in the Beer Booth action this year. She’s had quite a few setbacks this year, but like a trooper, went out and completed her TABC and she’s onboard with me again. Thanks Terry! Last year, she practically LIVED out there, working tirelessly, checking in the beer deliveries, monitoring the beer intake from the VIP tent, and helping keep everyone in line. We have many new folks in the beer booth this year and I feel confident they’ll do well and I KNOW they’ll have a blast.

There are many responsibilities when it comes to putting this party on, and everyone is doing their fair share. The guys have been out at the park since last week measuring vendor spaces, figuring out where everyone is going to go and where the tents will be set up. Speaking of the tents, they began going up today! Booths are set up and signs and banners are in place. The fencing should be in place by Wednesday.

I don’t know what I’d do without all the vendor help I’ve gotten. The food vendors are the most “hands on” of all! They need to have their Health Permits or they’re kicked off the grounds. The Health Permit starts out at $75 and jumps to a whopping $200 the day before the Festival. It’s really to their benefit to be prepared. Are you ready for some crabs?

Lana has followed the food folks every day since we accepted them as a vendor. Lana, Chris and I will be out there beginning Wednesday as all the vendors begin rolling in. We’ll hand them their packets and send them off to their respective spaces. Chris will be in his element. He’s in charge when it comes to vendor placement, boy am I glad to have him. He will attest that his sidekick, ME, is a little short on patience by later on Saturday. Who am I kidding, I’m A LOT short on patience! He tries to keep me as far away from vendors as possible, especially on Sunday.

All I’m trying to say is that I appreciate my teammates in this endeavor. I don’t know what I’d do without them. As PINK would say Let’s Get This Party Started!


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