It’s Only Money

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
I had so much fun at the Cultural Foundation Fall Festival. My husband had to talk me into going, I’m such a home-body. He and his buddy had spent the better part of two weeks over at the Crab Festival grounds getting it ready for the BPCF. I loved seeing old friends and especially some of my favorite vendors, some who have been coming to the Crab Festival year after year. I met some new vendors too, who I invited to Crab Festival, hopefully they’ll want to come.

I was barely through the entrance when the nautical lights hit my eyes. Oh, my goodness, so many to choose from. I found one I liked, strolled around, and came back and picked a totally different one. What a nice lady, Mary Wolford. I invited her to the Crab Festival.

Round and round we went, mostly visiting with friends we haven’t seen in a while. It was a great turnout. Lots of good things to drink and eat!

Sweet Cheeks was there. We bought a vintage bicycle from her at the last Crab Festival to put in the Live Auction. I told Natashia I want her to ride it around the stage as it’s auctioned off. Larry will have to tell everyone “she doesn’t come with the bike!” She’s adorable, she said she’ll try to dress really cute for the presentation.

We bought candied pecans from Karen, not the no sugar ones … Karen donates part of her funds to Human Trafficking. Yet another reason to buy from Karen.

My last purchase was from Kim Shields, a whimsical fishy, so similar to one of my favorite artists, Ross de la Garza. Ross now resides in Wimberley with his own store front.

Great times! Just another day in Paradise!


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  1. Cutie 2 says:

    Dear Cutie 1,

    You always add joy to any gathering. It is so much fun to watch you shop, shop, and shop. Thanks for helping raise funds at the “fun” raising BPCF Fall Arts & Crafts Fair.
    Cutie 2

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