It’s that time again

By Georgia Osten
Every year around this time is total pandemonium! It seems like it comes around quicker and quicker each year. Yep, it’s the Texas Crab Festival. We’re in our 34th year, NOT “my” 34th year, it’s only about my 6th. I want to say it gets easier each year, but NO … We have so many returning vendors, they’re like family, I expect them and welcome them with open arms. They’re not an easy bunch, I guess because this isn’t really an easy life, but I love seeing them again each year, and they seem to put up with me to some extent.

Happy am I that I have someone taking over the Beer Booth again this year. Terry runs the booth with an iron arm, but, here again, it’s serious, and we need someone who is serious about how the place is run. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s probably the most fun place to volunteer, it goes on into the late night, but, heck, we’re right across the field from the stage. You couldn’t pick a better viewing/listening point!

Speaking of another committee I’m responsible for, the Silent Auction, is going to be dynamic. We have so many donations this year, I’m so grateful! This community comes out in force.

Pray – NO RAIN! But, come rain or shine, THE SHOW WILL GO ON!

See y’all out there!


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