Jane Esther Lawrence Shook

August 04, 1928 – February 12, 2021
By Linda Elissalde
“She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes…”
George Gordon Lord Byron (1788-1824) never met Jane Esther Lawrence Shook, but if he had, he would have probably written “She Walks in Beauty” in her honor. Jane certainly walked, and created beauty, wherever she went. Faith, warmth, kindness and love infused the very essence of her life.

Jane met her lifelong love Dr. Wallace Shook at Sam Houston State Teachers College. Both were active in the Wesley Foundation (a Methodist ministry to college students). Jane was with him when Wallace dedicated his life to becoming a Methodist minister. In his version, they walked all over the whole town that night as he shared his dreams with her. Jane quietly asserted that they only covered the Sam Houston Campus. Jane led with quiet assertion. Whether it was making a home wherever Wallace was sent to minister, meeting large groups of parishioners, or sharing in Bible studies and women’s mission endeavors she enjoyed every minute. Along the way, she reared 5 children. Jane’s true faith and devotion was expressed in the two and a half years she cared for their son Rusty as he battled against deadly spinal cord Neuroblastoma and its complications.

Jane was never “preachy” about her faith. She simply lived it with joy and pleasure in her growing family, including sons-in-law, grandchildren, bonus grandchildren, great grandchildren and 11 grand dogs. Cooking, entertaining, car-pooling, praying and caring were done with skill and grace. No one was ever left-out if Jane Shook were around. Jane approached adversities with calm determination. Wallace once remarked he traveled through life at 90 miles an hour or just stopped. Jane always maintained a steady 45 miles an hour.

Lord Byron was a bit of a wastrel and rascal. If he had met Jane Shook, he would probably have been charmed into reforming. Peaceful in life, Jane left this earthly world in her sleep. I imagine her being welcomed into Heaven by those who have gone before her. All of us who remain will continue to bask in her love. Jane Esther Lawrence Shook did indeed walk in beauty all of her life.


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  1. sara says:

    What a wonderful tribute. My aunt just passed at age 92 also and those gals are an amazing inspiration. We could all learn so much from their quiet yet fierce faith and determination. Rest in peace, Miss Jane.

    A live well lived.

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