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janelong_00By Brenda Beust Smith
Texas Land — Land Magazine has given Jane Long and the Jane Long Festival a fabulous four-page spread in its Winter 2016 issue. If you’re not familiar with this magazine, it’s filled with incredible photography of Texas ranch lands and other massive native habitat acreage sites for sale. It also includes wonderful stories of life on Texas ranches as well as the truly impressive work owners of these treasured spreads are doing to not only help preserve native flora and fauna, but to restore as much as possible to authentic pre-Texas Revolution ecology. So Jane Long fits right in!

I worked with and wrote for the editor, Tom Alexander, years ago when he edited Texas Farm & Ranch magazine. As part of the media coverage search for the festival, I contacted Tom when I ran across a copy of his Texas Land, a part of his Lands of Texas publications. I dealt primarily with Lauret Jarvis, Editor-in-Chief. You never know what’s going to spark the interest when doing media coverage. (e.g., We got Channel 2 coverage previously because I emailed every reporter on the website staff list. Turns out one of them had gone to a Jane Long Elementary School. Grabbed his eye and presto! We got TV coverage.)

Lauret loved the story of Jane Long and — surprise! — turns out that, like Jane, she too is from Mississippi. That made Jane even more interesting to her. Win-win!

Here’s how to see the article online:



Be forewarned: page numbers in the print issue (which is what you’re seeing) are not the same as for the actual online issue.

The index (pg. 8-9) says the Jane Long Article starts on page 76, as it does in the print issue. But if you hover over, and then click on, that copy block, it takes you to page 92 and this fabulous 4-page spread they’ve given us FOR FREE!

Check it out and, if you agree this is truly a neat thing, write a thank you note to Lauret: Lauret@LandsofAmerica.com

(Note to anyone seeking publicity for anything — ALWAYS call, or write a thank you note, to anyone who gives you any kind of positive publicity in any kind of media. Trust me, if you don’t, they’ll think you didn’t like the coverage. Reporters are sensitive and they’re bombarded by requests for free even coverage. You want them to remember your name with fondness, not left wondering if you liked it or not.)

— Brenda Beust Smith, lazygardener@sbcglobal.net

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