Jane Shook is 90!

By Linda Elissalde
“Good things come in small packages.”
Jane Shook is certainly small, and she is mighty good. Jane and Dr. Wallace Shook have been married for 71 years. Wallace is a long time Methodist minister, and although retired, still substitutes when necessary and teaches a Sunday School class in Conroe, Texas. Jane has been his steadfast muse and helpmate since they met those many years ago at Sam Houston State Teachers College.

Jane and Dr. Wallace Shook

Jane turned 90 in August of 2018. The Shooks had a cottage in Crystal Beach, but lost it to Hurricane Ike. They still love our beach and return to celebrate special occasions. The weather did not cooperate on their first two tries this time, but they made it here the second week of October. Jane, Wallace and part of the family attended Bay Vue United Methodist Church on October 7. They were all “in the pink” as they sported pink tee-shirts in honor of Jane’s 90th birthday. The fronts of the shirts wished her a Happy Birthday, while the back declared her family accomplishments. They certainly brightened up the sanctuary.

Some family members left to right: Rachel Shepherd, Lydia McMahan, Warren Briggs, Jane Shook, Dr. Wallace Shook, Dr. William Waidhofer, Martha Waidhofer, and Niece Waidhofer

Family and friends came to visit, take them to dinner and invite them over for treats. Jane and Wallace are very popular. Their exuberant spirit, lively and witty conversation are welcomed by everyone. Just being in their presence creates joy. Wallace is a grand storyteller, but if he strays off the mark, Jane gets him right back on track.

The back of the shirts declared Jane’s family accomplishments

Their love of God, for each other, for their family and steadfast service to their faith have helped numerous people through the years. Jane is certainly proof that, “Good things come in small packages.” Her 90 years have been a gift to all of us, and we wish her many more!!

Jane and a Happy Birthday pie; Dr. Wallace Shook in costume


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