By Linda Elissalde
I admit that as a resident of Crystal Beach, Jeep Weekend is not my favorite time of the year. Although there are many very nice people with jeeps, it did seem that 2019 had a lot of less than charming guests. HWY 87 and the beach started filling up on Thursday. By Friday both were impassible for home dwellers. Jeeps traveled east and west. Jeep visitors set up all styles of homes near the dunes. Many jeepers sported multiple flags. Some were fine, but others were really offensive. I was surprised that flag sellers would even offer them. There have always been people coming in from the beach to use facilities under unoccupied houses. Unfortunately some Jeep guests did also. Excessive drinking can lead to some very bad and sad accidents. Loud music pounded throughout the nights.

Sunday is a trying day during Jeep Weekend. It took us an hour and ½ last year to travel five miles from our church to our home. One nice Jeep driver stopped for us. We decided to leave church early this year. That meant missing the great food laid out by Cindy Hunt and her group. (Methodists never miss a meal.) This time the trip was better because a nice policeman stood in the middle of the road and directed traffic at Stingaree light.

I have been to Galveston during Motorcycle Weekend. It seems to be much more organized. There are booths, cordoned off areas, and room for traffic. I am proud that Texas has open beaches, but could there be designated areas just for Jeeps during their weekend? Policepersons directing the flow at each of our 3 lights would speed up the movement of all cars.

I took some pictures of the trash left near our beach after most of the campers were gone. It looked as if folk had just dumped garbage and driven away. Probably only a few Jeepers leave their trash behind, but it reflects on all Jeep visitors. Jeep owners might plan on some type of garbage detail to be sure that the beach is as pristine when they leave as when they arrive.

I do hope that we do not have to resort to what others residents have done. That is leave our home every May because Jeep Weekend has become such a bad experience. Jeeps Come! Jeeps Go! Jeep Weekends need to be a happy occasion not only for Jeepers, but for the residents who contribute to our community all year long.


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  1. j NELSON says:

    Bolivar Peninsula – I have been visiting and lived a couple of times in Bolivar since I was three years old.
    The beach has become a trash bin for people that do not respect the beach , other people and definitely do not respect the animal / aquatic life that made the peninsula so special for those of us who grew up going there and as adults buying property so we could enjoy the area with our children.
    The alcohol and trashy ways of so many visitors to Bolivar reflect those in leadership for the area and what is making it a very unsuitable place to visit (except when it is cold and rainy)

    Those of us who remember a clean beach with birds and marine life in abundance have had enough of Bolivar visitors trashing our wonderful place on the gulf of Mexico.

    Voting with our feet looks to be the only solution because there is not leadership except for those selling alcohol and convenience store food.

  2. Edward says:

    This weekend was not about Jeeps! It was about alcohol/Drugs/Sex PARTY I am a very open-minded senior property owner with family from teens to 50’s in attendance and have never seen the sits that were on the beach.(pole Dancers, Open solition, Nudity, and even group sex in broad daylight. One big drunking Party with four wheeler/Side by sides racing up and down beach and streets. The authorities did what they could but were overwhelmed. I saw numerous medi/vac flights leave. If I were the jeepsters I would not be back as I do not thin iti was most of their group who caused the troble. I will only be back next year to protect my property

  3. Mike says:

    1st let me start off with accidents and people getting hurt is very unfortunate. 2nd I will say if you look at the arrest blotter you will see most arrests were from underage drinking or public intoxication. DWI/DWAI is not acceptable anywhere even the beach. Now I have to point out a comment made by a lot of people and it is untrue. The statement “our beach” should not be referenced because the beach is public and so are the roads leading to it unless designated as private beach entrance. Once on the beach the entire beach is public. Yes they should clean up and have some respect for the home owners who live close to the beach but as a home buyer you accepted that the beach is public when you bought the property. Most are rentals and when people come to vacation they don’t want to be restricted to waking and carrying everything they need for the day. Also the businesses that rely upon those weekends to boost sales for the entire year would be lost and many doors would close. The town officials did the best job they could with a large number of people in attendance. They provide trash cans and police presence as well as EMS. Remember when you complain about “Your Or Our beach”, you bought the property “near” the beach not the beach itself.

  4. Robert says:

    My wife and I spent several hours Thursday and Friday driving down the beach (day light only).
    The happy jeepers we saw we’re calm and respectful of others other than marking off large sections of beach.
    Unfortunately a lot of parasites have attached their-self to what used to be a good event.
    Looking back Galveston County had it right when they band ATVs on the beach. Now some not all ride in the dunes on the streets and private property.
    The sheriffs department did the best they could with an impossible situation.

  5. Jerry says:

    I would say very poor planning on the sheriffs part. If I remember correctly this was the issue last year. He is the top law enforcement officer in the county. He needs to get control of this.

  6. How can I help stop Jeep Weekend. Damaged 2 properties, Police gave “warning ticket” to one person causing damage.Never caught people that damaged second property (broke entrance rope/gate rutted property doing “do-nuts & burn-outs through out property).

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