Just Keep Swimming!

By Georgia Osten
Five hours, over 45 events, an average of 5 heats for each event – Just Keep Swimming! We spent the day on Sunday watching our swimmers, Addyson, Michael and Dax, compete against all the swim clubs in the area at the Texas City Natatorium. I might mention, What a Complex! BP must have spent a fortune! It’s an Olympic size pool with seating and a gymnasium attached.

Our competitors were in rare form. Addyson, age 11, was the youngest of her age group, swimming against ages from 11-18, but she held her own. Michael, age 9, just out of his cast the Friday before the match, this is the arm he broke the last day of school, showed us there’s not too much to hold him back. Dax, our 6 year old, oh what a natural in the water. We were worried he wouldn’t know when his heat was, but Aunt Leigh wrote their Events and Heats on their forearms. By the way, it’s wonderful so see how comfortable these guys are in the water, all parents should make efforts to at least get their children into swim lessons.

Breast stroke, free style, back stroke and butterfly medleys galore. This would be the 100 meter, up back up back, geez makes me tired just watching. We had some 25 meter races too, where they would begin from a platform at one end and swim to the finish line where the timer volunteers would punch them in. Mommy happened to be one of the volunteers, but she had a different lane of course. Back stroke is a little tricky, you have to count your strokes to know when to get ready to turn. Don’t flip to your tummy too quick – that’s a disqualification!

We had a great day and proudest grandparents there I’m sure. Bottoms a little sore from sitting in those stands for so long, but oh so worth it!

When’s the next meet?

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