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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
We who live in the South, that is the Texas Gulf Coast, enjoy many months of summer. I love summer, even when I may need to change sweat bands three or four times a day. I have learned to put my bands in the refrigerator instead of freezer as that makes a mess of the elasticity of the ban.

Back to the original story, just like that, we go from wonderful summer to “darn, it’s really cold out there!” Yesterday, I needed sun screen on my nose and today, I could use a nose muff. Plus, we receive absolutely no warning, there are no beautiful gold, red, or yellow leaves to guide our way. Oh yes, we do have the tallow trees to deal with when we receive just the right amount of rain or not so much rain.

So, on Monday we have our cute summer decorations up and sun shining, then Monday night comes our first cold front. Now, as we know all this happened at the end of October. Quick, take down the Halloween decorations, turn the jack-o’-lanterns around, Voila, you have a fall pumpkin, add the fall leaves and ribbons and just like that, it’s “Fall”.

We are so lucky that we can keep our summer clothes out while enjoying the colors of fall. We can wear our knee shorts and an orange 3/4 length sleeve shirt and of course flip flops. You must have bright orange toes to make the ensemble complete.

Enjoy the month of November in absolutely anything you want to wear because in Now Time, you will need to find those red and green toe socks to go with the leggings and snowman sweat shirt.

Life is good here in the South.

‘Tis the season to be Thankful and Nice. It may take all month the try and be both.



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