Just Send Me a Catalogue

By Georgia Osten
I’m such a sucker for a catalogue, just go ahead and send them to me! I know it’s that time of the year where everything is Such a Deal! I’m a sucker for gadgets too! I just saw a gizmo you put in the water when you’re boiling hard boiled eggs. It sings to you when your eggs are just right. Then, there’s a gizmo for peeling these eggs.

I should be over this temptation ever since I got burned from ordering stuff off of Facebook. Not once, but twice I’ve ordered clothes online. They were not what I expected when I received them. There was no way to return or even exchange them. They were mailed from San Francisco, so after failing at getting a return label, I sent the items back to San Francisco where they came from. As I requested, PayPal initiated a dispute, after a month, I found out the items came from China. Go Figure! I think China is out to get us!

Oh, another gizmo I found is a thermometer you stick in the steak as you’re grilling it, I think I’ll get that for my husband.

Hey, also look out for scams. I just got a call from New Jersey about a purchase I made for $399, which I didn’t. The recording said if I didn’t make the purchase to give them a call. Nope, not gonna do it!

Also, watch out for emails from PayPal telling you your PayPal account is closing. Pay attention to the actual address of the sender on the email. Most likely, it’s bogus. Don’t answer it!

So, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Happy Shopping, but be careful!


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