KBB Membership Drive

Keep Bolivar Beautiful (KBB) serves the Bolivar Peninsula community with frequent beach cleanups, supports the heavy trash days on the peninsula, and works with volunteers of all ages to educate everyone to care for our beaches and the animals that depend on them. As KBB works to keep our lands clean, they also contribute greatly to the community with outreach programs at local churches and other organizations benefiting kids’ programs. All of this is made possible because of the big hearts of the leaders of KBB and the donations from members and non-members.

Check out their website at keepbolivarbeautiful.org,
and find them on Facebook/KeepBolivarBeautiful.

Membership Drive
Keep Bolivar Beautiful is having a membership drive to raise funds. Money raised will benefit the local cleanups and outreach programs.


Do what you can to help Keep Bolivar Beautiful!


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  1. Carlis Cole says:

    Thank you all for helping to Keep Bolivar Beautiful.

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