Kelley Wayne Fredenburg is 50!

By Linda Elissalde
Houston Astros colors of navy, orange and white emblazoned every aspect of Kelley Wayne Fredenburg’s 50th birthday celebration. Proud parents Marsha and Moody, family and numerous friends gathered at Down Under to honor him on this auspicious occasion. He is a very popular guy. The Astros are winners, and so was Kelley as he demonstrated his outstanding dancing talents at this birthday extravaganza. Kelley never missed a step as the ladies lined up to invite him to lead them onto the floor. Bruce Haire with “Switch and the Emphasizes” inspired everyone to get up and Dance! Dance! Dance!

Kelley showed his singing abilities by joining Bruce and the band in several numbers. He also led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday”. Guests were treated to delicious seafood hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening. Then Kelley took a deep breath to blow out 50 candles on a special Astro symbol birthday cake. Everyone hurriedly gobbled down this yummy delicacy and rushed back to dancing.

The event turned into a real winning festival. Folk agreed that it was indeed one of the most delightful and fun parties they had been honored to attend. Happy 50th Birthday to you, Mr. Kelley Wayne Fredenburg. May you, and we, enjoy many, many more!


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