Last Sunday

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I’m going to be honest with you, it was not what I was used to at all. I must be spoiled rotten and love every minute. Our daughters had their children over at their homes and we stayed here. Above all else RR’s health is the most important thing to everyone in the family. Thank goodness or I would have had kisses all over those people that I call children and grandchildren.

Of course, we did phone calls and that picture thing on the phone. But ya know that is not the same. Told you I was spoiled. RR made a wonderful lunch/dinner for us. We split a large steak, split a baked potato and had grilled shrimp too.

I had texted Josh, our oldest grandson, last week to see if he could come help us with a few projects. Of course, he said yes but no hugs, darn. So, he came over and fixed several things on the trailer that were too high for RR or me. You see we really don’t bounce well anymore. That was a nice visit but no hugs.

This week Matthew, our youngest grandson, came over to get the power washer to overhaul and use in his lawn business. Of course, there is the understanding that he will come back to take care of cleaning the trailer and the tool box. The tool box is the 16 ft closed trailer that we purchased after Ike. RR built two workbenches in it, wired the entire trailer and has shelves through out. He said nope, I’m not putting my good tools and equipment in the garage after Ike. So I call this thing the tool box. No hugs and kisses, but we got to see them and that is what is important.

Yes, I know I am lucky as all our family, with the exception of my sister live within 30-45 minutes away. I cannot imagine how hard this is for grandparents that their families can only visit once a year at best.

Keep your mask on and have a great week.


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