Learned my Lesson

By Georgia Osten
I’m “living” proof you’re never too old to learn a lesson. I took the day off last Thursday to go into Galveston to do my shopping. I was expecting the whole family for our September Birthday Celebration, so I needed to stock up on some necessary things. First stop, Spec’s. We recently ordered cocktails at the Tremont, a Manhattan for my husband and an Old Fashioned for me. We came to an agreement that the Old Fashioned was our favorite, so I bought all the necessary ingredients.

Next stop, WalMart, it’s right around the corner from Spec’s. I had a pretty thorough shopping list and was having a grand time filling my grocery cart. I had my purse in the child seat in the front of the cart and from time to time, I’d grab the list and a pen and mark off what I’d already found. I happened to be on one of the back aisles by the paper towels (and the restrooms). A fellow, probably close to my age, was walking in the direction toward me, I thought nothing of it, minding my own business of course. All of a sudden, he was right next to me, he said, “Hey!” As I looked up, he was grabbing my purse out of the front of my cart. I grabbed his arm and yelled “DON’T!”

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted! I had chills from my toes to the top of my head. Thank goodness I had just come out of the restroom …

He began to lecture me on ALL the reasons I should be carrying my purse like this woman behind me, as he pointed to this woman. She acted oblivious. He also advised that I could strap my purse into the child strap, as he ran the strap through my purse handles and proceeded to zip up my purse.

I’m thankful he wasn’t for real, and I thanked him for a very important lesson learned.

Last stop, Kroger, and guess what? Yep, my purse was securely hung over my shoulder AND ZIPPED!


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