Letting Go

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
I have no idea why this has just dawned on me but it has. I’m not sure if it was started with the thyroid scare and surgery or the breast surgery. Sitting here in the ferry line in the peace and quiet by myself my brain/heart has been talking to me. I know I’m slow but it has taken two years for me to realize a few things. I really did not think I was that slow but I’ll blame it on age. Then again it might be I’m just a little stubborn.

This past Spring Break at the house on Boyt, I had my cry and let go of the yard, house and all the kitties that still live there under the grass. I discovered as long as a new friend had the house, I still had a small piece too. You may remember, I brought some of the flowers and pots home with me from there. Well, they look really good now and our home on wheels is starting to smile.

For the first time I have started thinking about using some of my items that are in storage. RR is helping me find places for my Shelia homes and lighthouses. I have brought home half of my beautiful Noritake seashell dishes. You see, I have a set of 14, because that is how many there are in the family when we are all together. Made sense to me. I have put the plastic dishes we purchased up to use for outdoor dinners.

This pasted Saturday, our grandson, Josh and I moved our storage from a 10X15 unit to a 5X10 storage unit. I am so proud. I have not done as much inside of our home as I have in the tiny space outside. The living area is so dark with brown recliners and brown couch and brown wood everywhere. I think brown is nice but way too much for me. In storage most of items I have kept are lime, navy and turquoise, Guess what, I brought them home and started with the living area, oh so much brighter with a throw over the couch and queen size pillow shams turn to the back side that match the throw on the recliners. Makes a great pop of color, where have I been! Now when I walk in the room in the morning I smile.

Lord, I am slow. Stay tuned, there is more to come. So excited. I hope Spring has brought you happiness and new beginnings too. Look around, see what needs a splash of color, and like me, just let it go.

Have a great Week. This weekend is Home Tour in Galveston, I know it is going to rain but we won’t melt. So get out and enjoy.

Peace and Love to all.


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