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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
This past week has been fun, old friends are back and new ones are introducing themselves to us. We are basically a quiet group, up just after sun up and in by a little after dark. Remember dark is almost 9pm! Some of us have started that business of walking again and chattering as we go, that helps when you have sweat in your eyes and cramps in your legs. One of our slender friends will be back next week and will be so proud of us, we kept up the walking. At our age, just sitting and watching an adventure movie is exercise, well it is for me.

Quite a few of us have had home problems and needed a quick fix for something. RR has discovered Yea!

Three weeks ago we put up a new Coleman tent with shade protection in the top and, of course, that nice rain storm that came through on Saturday flipped it over our fence and on to our neighbors trailer! We had it tied down on all four corners but there was a down force wind and off the ground it came. Can you say pretzel! Thank goodness we had help trying to get it down and back in our space. I was out there in my night gown, RR in shorts & T-shirt, getting soaking wet trying to hold on to metal! Hello!! Either we were going to have curly hair or be fried to a crisp. Thanks to our neighbor, we made short work of getting it down. The next morning we looked around and several tents further down the drive were just fine. Then the hot water tubing got tired of holding together and decided to leak. Of course, it took three days for me to say something to RR, I thought it was the AC unit’s condensation dripping, no it was worse. So for several days, while the park men decided what could be the problem, we took cold showers and played real camping. You know, heating water for dish washing and stuff.

RR ordered a new tent and the part from Walmart online, both said they would be received in two days. Everyone laughed, said “no way, more like a week.” Well! Not so! We received the tent in two days and the part in a day and a half. Now about the hot water heater part, RR called around to two RV places that carry parts and both were over $129 and would need to be ordered and earliest would be 5 days. The part from Walmart was $59 and got here in a day and a half. Plus it was the name brand part for the trailer.

During the time period, others were having problems fixed too, we met a nice man who has a RV service in Jasper and a home here. He was very helpful to all of us. Thanks Alan Mays.

One of the newcomers for the summer came over to where several of us ladies were sitting and solving all the problems of the world while our men were napping. She was most upset as she had lost her golf cart key. She described its holder and asked us to keep an eye out for said key. We said we would and for her to have a seat and catch her breath. As we were talking, she took off her sun hat to pull her hair back, and there it was! She had used the holder as a hair band to hold her hair back. Boy, did we have a loud and hardy laugh. She is one of us for sure!


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