Lighting Up Bolivar

Once again, the lights are shining bright on Bolivar. Homes, Businesses, and new this year – Subdivisions, show their holiday spirit this time of year with the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Annual Residential and Business Christmas Lighting Contest, as part of the Crystaland Parade weekend. The contest seems to stir up a competitive nature in the decorators and with so many great displays it was difficult to pick the winners this year! Judging took place on Friday and trophies for the winners were presented after the parade on Saturday. The bragging rights go to…


 FIRST PLACE: George & Dee McMillan, 701 Broadway, Port Bolivar

SECOND PLACE: Sid Dearing, 2601 Holiday, Crystal Beach

THIRD PLACE: The Ewings, 1222 28-1/2 St., Port Bolivar


 FIRST PLACE: The Gulf Range, 1987 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach

SECOND PLACE: My Happy Place RV Camp, 946 Boyt Road at Hwy 87

THIRD PLACE: REMAX On The Water, 2080 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach



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