Long Overdue

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Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
Long overdue at my house anyway. No excuse. Maybe it’s because we get so busy in May and the chaos lingers through the Summer. By the time Fall gets here, and in anticipation of a cool down, a pot of chili, and nights outside by the fire pit, you realize how much you’ve missed your little handful of friends.

Thank goodness for these friends. The type of friends you don’t have to be around every single day, because when you gather them all around, you don’t miss a beat. You may pick up right where you left off months ago. There’s no resentment, no jealousy, no doubt, the friendship is still there and it kicks into gear like a well-oiled piece of machinery.

I invited them over 5:30-ish to 6, well, they began arriving a bit after 5:00. I think we were all ready to kick back. Our main goal was to play some Mexican Train. “No hurry,” I said. “If we decide to just eat and drink and talk, no worries!”

All the goodies were laid out on the island, everyone brought their own beverages except Cheryl made this lovely fruity concoction of caramel vodka, wine, and I forget what else in a lovely pitcher. She also made these pumpkin cookies with glaze and someone made a chex mix to die for! I picked up this delicious tray of sandwiches from Sunflower Bakery in Galveston.

I knew it looked like a lot, but I thought, if there’s any left, I’ll take them to my EMS peeps. Sorry, they were so good, we ate many and I kept the rest for lunches the rest of the week.

Well, we played and played and ate and ate and drank and drank. I guess it was around 10 when I remembered to take the lemon pie out of the freezer to thaw a bit. Oh, what hit. It’s from Water Oaks House, this divine little dessert shop my daughter found over a year ago. It’s in Pasadena. So, some of my girlfriends scoffed, “oh Pasadena, never mind!” Well, let me tell you, after biting into their first bite, they were all taking a picture of the Water Oaks card.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the pie before, here’s after we each had a piece. Honey, this means there’s some left over for you when you come back home tomorrow.

Finally, close to midnight, we had made it all the way from 12’s to 0’s. We play for a penny a point, did I tell you that already? Well, I won’t say who, but the winner went away with an extra $14 and change. Who am I fooling, it’s all “in change.” After all, everyone carries their winnings around in their little bags. Winnings from bunko, other Train games or Mahjong, it’s all in change. Gets pretty heavy depending on how lucky you are at these games.

Hey Girls, I can’t wait ‘til the next time.


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